Please note this page was updated 21 May 2020

We’re here to help and support you through the impact of COVID-19. We encourage you to stay in touch with your club and coaches and with your friends and family, so together we can overcome the challenges that come our way.

Following the National Cabinet announcement regarding the three-step approach to ease restrictions, Swimming Australia together with  ASCTA, AIS, Sport Australia, and Federal and State Governments have released the National Guidelines for Restarting Club Environments with the full support of Masters Swimming Australia.

MSV Management Committee are currently working on MSV Specific Guidelines.

The health and well-being of our members is our priority. Like MSA and other Branches we have created a page to provide updated information and resources to help connect members, clubs, coaches and volunteers in this unique time of change. 

But please as with any type of training MSA and MSV encourages you to read the following guidelines in order to properly use listed techniques and to stay safe:

  • Check that you have sufficient space to practice
  • Check there are no trip/slip hazards
  • Check there are no objects you may fall on or come in contact with
  • Check there are no sharp objects or hot surfaces near by
  • Ensure you have sufficient lighting
  • Ensure your camera/screen and other electrical appliances, including cables, are on a level surface and not in your training space causing a trip hazard
  • Ensure the room has sufficient ventilation
  • Ensure you have water to keep hydrated
  • Remember to seek medical advice before training if you have any existing injuries or other medical conditions
  • Remember that children require adult supervision whilst practising
  • Ensure all household members are aware of the training and avoid entering the space


Also make sure that you check in with the organisations listed especially the ones with * as many of them are running webinars on how COVID-19 may effect your Club and things to think about moving forward.  We will share on FB any upcoming webinars.



  • SSAs as well as Associations and Clubs can use this Return to Sport checklist that sets out a range of essential business and operational actions recommended to undertake when considering your organisational return to sport.
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria have outlined specific guidance for individual sports to assist community sport and recreation organisations to Return To Play.

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