Open water swimming takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers. Swimmers can start on the shore or in the water with a small run onto the land to complete the swim. They are usually 1km, 5km, 10km, or sometimes even longer. Popular events can attract quite a lot of people and in conjunction with the timing of most open water meets, mean that events are often a great social occasion. Open water swimming doesn’t require too much prior knowledge of rules and most new people do not need to be registered with an organisation in order to compete.


This season there is a change to the Masters Swimming Victoria awards in order to celebrate all aspects of MSV’s mantra of fun, friendship and fitness in this fabulous series.

The two cups are as follows:  

TOP CLUB AWARD: everyone who is a member of a masters club who swims counts!  Even just one swim.  The more swimmers and the more swims, the better the club’s chances. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE AWARD: to celebrate the special achievements of our masters swimmers.  Every podium place wins points for the club for this award. 

Here are the rules:

  • Swimmers must be registered participants in the GVSS series to have their points counted
  • Swimmers must nominate their MSV club when entering the GVSS series
  • Swimmers must be paid-up members in 2019 and 2020 of the club they nominate.
  • Top club: every time a registered MSV club competitor swims he/she wins points as listed in the GVSS results for his/her club. No double-dipping with points for non-wetsuit competitors in wetsuit category for the same distance at the same time! Highest total wins.
  • High Performance Trophy: points for every podium place won by club member.  No double-dipping! Highest total wins.

 Any queries about the MSV awards, should be addressed to

What is the GVSS – well MSV is proud to support the Cousins Tours & Travel Great Victorian  Swim Series 2019/20.
The GVSS is a not for profit “club” promoting fitness, fun, camaraderie & competition among swimmers and supporters of the Victorian open water swim community.  Click on the Open Water Events to see what is coming up next.

Casey Seals have one of the best comprehensive OW Swim Calendars 

Checkout Masters Swimming Australia OW Rules and Policies