If you have not yet found a club to swim with but would still like to enjoy the benefits offered by Masters Swimming Victoria, you can join the State club, known as Victorian MastersThis club caters for a range of swimmers- those who may not have found the club they want to swim with, may prefer not to be part of a club environment, or live in an area where there are not enough people to form a club. We do encourage members to link up with a club as you will find many benefits from club life, but we understand it may not suit everyone.

Members of Victorian Masters are spread throughout Victoria. As a member of the virtual club you can compete as an individual or in relays at MSV events.

As part of the virtual club you will be kept up to date with what is happening in the Masters Swimming World and be supported through the MSV office. We can also put you in touch with other Victorian Masters members who have opted to connect. 

To join, create or login to your account on Swim Central and follow the below steps:

  • Select “Store”
  • Select”Memberships”
  • Under “Find a club” type in “Victorian Masters’ and under “Who are you purchasing for” select your name
  • Find the type of membership you wish to purchase (Swimmer or Non Swimmer) and select “Add to Cart”
  • Complete the checkout via the cart option on the right

Once you have registered as a member, please email your Proof of Age to for verification.