Clubs are the lifeline of our organisation and we couldn’t do anything without them.

In 2023 there are 39 Masters Swimming clubs across Victoria, and they account for over a thousand members! With ages ranging from 18- 90+, we welcome new members of all ages and abilities. Clubs must affiliate or join Masters Swimming Victoria in order to protect their members as well as participate in interclub, state, national and even international events.

Finding a club

To make it easy to locate a club in your area, we have created the live map below.

So locate the venue closest to you and click on the club name – it will provide details of the venue, address, training times, and contact person. For further information, click on the club’s website, then either contact the club or just come along to a training session and have a go!

click on a pin on the map for club details, or  
click on the icon below to show a legend of venues, then  
click on the symbol to show clubs at each venue click on the icon below to open in full screen