Date Event Results
15 February 2020 Malvern Marlins Results Portal
29 February 2020 Powerpoints Summer Smash Results Portal
20 - 25 February 2020 Melbourne 2020 IGLA Championships 2020 Igla Games Full Results
Date Event Results
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23 February 2019 PowerPoints Summer Smash Meet Results Meet Summary
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MSV created the Battle of Divisions in 2016 purely for Victorians. The Relay Championships will be divided up into 4 divisions. Based on membership size, each club has the opportunity to battle it out for that top spot. The rules are simple. Enter as many relay teams as you can and gain the most amounts of points to win!



Malvern Marlins 864 points

Brunswick Belugas 610 points

Surrey Park Seahorses 200 points

No club

Powerpoints 798 points

Glamourhead Sharks 522 points

Yarra Roughies 146 points

No club

Doncaster Dolphins 394 points

No club

Heidelberg Flyers 104 points

No club


Malvern Marlins 994 points Melbourne H2O 334 points  Brunswick Belugas 608 points  Inclusive Sports 186 points
Powerpoints 510 points  Glamourhead Sharks 154 points Boroughcoutas 200 points Yarra Roughies 78 points
Doncaster Dolphins 200 points No Club Casey Seals 110 points No Club
 Surrey Park Seahorses 102 points
Nunawading Orcas 100 points


Malvern Marlins 1060 points Melbourne H20 358 points Brunswick Belugas 558 points Inclusive Sports 152 points
Powerpoints 700 points Glamourhead Sharks 338 points Nunawading Orcas 172 points No Club
Doncaster Dolphins 494 points Boroughcoutas 322 points Heidelberg Flyers 142 points No Club
Surrey Park Seahorses 90 points


Malvern Marlins 940 points Glamourhead Sharks 426 points Brunswick Belugas 452 points Geelong Catfish 86 points
Doncaster Dolphins 484 points No Club Nunawading Orcas 274 points Yarra Plenty 56 points
Powerpoints 448 points No Club Yarra Roughies 152 points No Club
Heidelberg Flyers 92 points